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Unreal is a new kind of Bali property agency offering an efficient client-agency interface from its digital platform supported with a peerless knowledge of the island’s latest lifestyle trends. It’s this combination of on-the-ground experience and IT expertise that’s highly appreciated by the agency’s global clientele looking to secure a second home.

 Bali’s culturally rich and diverse districts and townships are constantly evolving bringing fresh property purchase opportunities in key locations such as Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Ubud and beyond with new listings increasingly coming into the market from a patchwork of diverse communities. Managing a large and developing portfolio with speed-to-market ability requires foresight and an uncompromising accuracy to details.

Understanding Diverse Needs

What started with the interest from astute European property buyers has today led the way for a consultancy appreciated by discerning Australian, Singaporean, American and Canadian investors. Clients range in age and backgrounds from young professional couples embarking on new life journeys, to semi-retired business people looking to break up their year in a warmer climate, to families opting for an immersion into a new culture. Each type of investor shares in common the need for a worthy asset and a one-on-one relationship with a professional property advisor.

Professional Partnerships

Unreal is a licensed agency that complies to all legal requirements by the Indonesian government. The agency works together with multiple market entry service partners namely recognized architects and interior designers and those in the building trade to ensure each property is strictly maintained and ready for purchase.

When required through its law partners, Unreal provides its international clients a full spectrum of real estate law for acquisitions and leases and notaries who ensure all legal documents follow strict compliance.



Dan brings to unreal a valued international sales and marketing career that neatly complements the service he provides his property investment clients. Since 2011, “Dani” was enamoured by the island’s lifestyle but he also sensed a lack of thoroughness in the overall property management business.

A student of international business, Dani has gained a solid reputation for his skills in identifying investment opportunities; that could be a high ROI villa in Seminyak or Canggu or a beachfront villa in Sanur or Pererenan. The key he maintains is intuitively matching investors with a well-fitting property: “There’s a knack to marrying an international client to a unique Bali home or villa, a process that is part art and part science… there’s no one-size-fits-all system of linking a client with their new home.”      

Dani believes that despite nationality or age, buyers all share the interest in a decent ROI and to enjoy their property from three weeks to three months of the year, some deciding to retire in the homes and villas they purchase.

“Our clients wish to make a significant lifestyle decision so we don’t prescribe to the idea that the ‘property sells itself.’ Our buyers are sophisticated and the purchase is largely about their wants, rather than their needs. We pay attention to those desires.”



With a thorough IT background that began studying programming and web development, Paul went on to apply his knowledge to marketing and business management with the goal of refining how a property investment company operates.

unreal’s unique web development is a result of careful planning to support both owners and buyers who are continents apart. Although, while an innovative tech approach is cornerstone to the agency’s identity, Paul affirms his partner’s belief that paying close attention to a buyer’s exact desires is also what sets unreal apart from other Bali relators. “An often rare virtue in the property business is the ability to truly listen to a client’s desires and concerns and gathering that knowledge always results in a healthy investment outcome.” 

 Paul attests that their advanced 360-degree VR imagery is a key tool to tell the story and establish a connection with a property’s lifestyle and design elements so buyers can see for themselves their daily routines — from waking up in the morning to the garden view and amenities. 
“We make a concerted effort to understand the home life of the property they left behind which helps give us direction for finding their ideal Balinese home.”

To deliver a fresh and optimized alternative for both property developers and investors in an effort to educate and win trust through accurate, updated data of Bali real estate opportunities.

To offer a transparent and comprehensive service that follows strict ethics to deliver true value that provides mutual benefits to stakeholders.

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