Bingin - unreal Bali


Bingin Beach is full of serenity and fresh beach air, is a natural therapy so that our minds can be fresh again. For lovers of surfing, the waves here are worth a try. Because when the tide is high, the big waves can reach a height of 5-8 meters. For those who don’t like surfing, you can enjoy the beach while swimming or snorkeling because the beach is quite shallow and the water is very blue.

Although referred to as one of the hidden beaches on the island of Bali, Bingin Beach has complete supporting facilities, you know. Especially because this beach is visited by many foreign tourists who are looking for the perfect hideaway vacation location. The white sand at Bingin Beach is quite coarse in texture, and is surrounded by high cliffs. On top of the towering cliffs grow green trees that look beautiful from a distance.

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