Buduk - unreal Bali


The history of Buduk Village can be revealed from one written source in the form of the Lontar Babad Pangeran Pasek Buduk which is owned by Geriya Simpangan. In Lontar Babad Pangeran Pasek Buduk begins with the descent of Dalem Ketut from the Majapahit Kingdom to Bali accompanied by the Aryans and four chosen soldiers (Princes).

With an area of 3.63 km2 which is bordered by Dalung Village, North Kuta District in the east, Tumbakbayuh Village in the south, Cepaka Village, Kediri Tabanan District in the west and Abianbase Village in the north; Buduk Village is divided into ten Banjar Dinas where the names of the Banjar Dinas are in accordance with the origins/history of Buduk Village itself.

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