Ubud - unreal Bali


The Hushed Charm of Ubud

It’s often said that Ubud is one of those special destinations where a holiday can turn into a stay of weeks, months and for many, years. The in-the-know and colorful expat community of this highland hamlet will tell you the languid nature of this artistic Balinese town is where traditional Balinese culture permeates in every step at every moment despite its transformation over the past 20 years. Ubud is a place of ritual like the offerings adorned in the narrow streets where the ubiquitous and hypnotic sounds of gamelan are part of everyday life. But while many would call it removed from the rest of Bali, it’s also on trend, in fact a center, for sustainable design, tranquility and culinary innovation like no other corner in Southeast Asia. Ubud attracts the kind of property investor who puts a priority in relaxation, rejuvenation and privacy and to enviably live amongst artisan villages and scenic natural landscapes.

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