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Bali Villa

A Sensational Island to Call Home

Just one word, “Bali” evokes all sorts of images and no surprise it has become the world’s most visited island destination and in the past decade well on the map for property investors alike. 

Living in Bali


If you are looking for a second home to ease into retirement and invest, Bali has few competitors, that is if you desire a warm climate, an abundance of nature and outdoor sports, great dining options, international branded shopping the list of appealing attributes is long. Oh, did I mention the variety of stylish tropical villas and homes on offer? For semi-retired investors, the peerless and alluring features like a relaxed, easeful lifestyle, much improved medical facilities and healthcare, numerous outsourcing support from dog walking and shopping assistance to Bahasa Indonesia tutoring, to on-call doctors, gardeners, home repair, personal fitness trainers, drivers and not to forget trusted live-in maids (most soon become close family).

Bali Beach - Living in Bali

Living in Bali Community

When you Live in Bali you will soon be immersed in a lovely, warm culture replete with colorful ceremonies and traditions all of which most foreigners quickly embrace. To be part of a Bali community is a blessing. In addition to ongoing Balinese rituals, the colorful expatriate community always has events to look forward to, whether you are into meeting others through a wine club or perhaps a scuba club, expats are typically involved in the community and that could be volunteering for charity organizations or pitching in and helping solve issues like the island’s plastic problem.

For families, Bali is an exceptional place to receive a quality education with a range of K-12 schools with both foreign and local teachers. Invariably children who study in Bali go on to share their rich experiences for the rest of their lives. Parents benefit too through the many on-and-off campus activities with fellow parents who share much in common with those who have opted to live in Bali’s unique culture.

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The topic of lifestyle is broad and rich and the unreal Blog will be a great resource for you before you decide to move and once you are settled in.  Safe to say, for now, once you are used to Bali’s copious offerings it’s hard to consider any other way of living. There is something for everyone in Bali, from adrenaline water sports to passive pursuits like yoga and meditation classes, the island has a dizzy array of recreation.

In recent years dining out and finding specific imported ingredients has vastly improved. Take wine as an example: Not long ago buying a decent bottle was expensive and limited and frustrating; today all world wine-growing regions are represented in a number of bottle shop brands like Red & White as well as international food brands in the large grocery stores like Grand Lucky or specialized delicatessens. But for many expatriates, local Indonesian and Asian food is the mainstay of their daily meals. It’s simply delicious and fresh and for vegans too, the choices are everywhere.

International Travel

Not long-ago Bali’s airport was an aged and decaying facility. Today, Ngurah Rai airport is well designed, comfortable, and efficient with plenty of modern facilities serviced by all major airlines. Bali’s admirable Southeast location means you can get to countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore from home to hotel within a morning or afternoon or country travel which has incredible travel opportunities such as the adjacent island of Lombok (with its new MotoGP circuit) and East Java (explore lunar-like Mt Bromo), all in easy reach too, in fact under one hour in both directions.

Getting in a car for weekend getaways or day-tripping around Bali is popular and varied or heading to the nearby island of Nusa Penida by boat for the weekend is also a picturesque and relaxed destination. You can expect specific posts on Bali and island destinations in this Blog in the near future.

Bali Villa Interior Living in Bali

Home Decor

Once you have settled into your new Bali home, you’ll need to discover the myriad of Indonesian home decor shops for interior pieces that are always tasteful and well worth shipping home if that time comes. Shops and outlets are widespread from Ubud to Seminyak and range from modern Western-style sofas to Indonesian antiques and collectibles. Filling the rooms of your new home should not be considered expensive, from collectible paintings to rustic handmade kitchen pottery one can spend days in search of that perfect piece or, just ask us and we’ll put you in touch with shopping assistants and interior designers who will first understand your needs and then escort you to ideal shops that match your preferences.

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