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Living in Jimbaran Bali: Indulge Yourself in Bali’s Famous Culinary Hub.

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Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran connects mainland Bali and the Bukit Peninsula. It is the place to be if you want a peaceful beach-living without compromising on location. Just 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport with accommodation options from high-end resorts to budget-friendly options, Jimbaran is known for the sunset seafood experience that lights up Kedonganan beach at night as well as the bustling
morning fish markets. Thinking of living in Jimbaran? You have come to the right place. From living costs, owning a villa in Jimbaran, and most importantly, the vibes, you will find everything you need to know here.

Why Move to Jimbaran?

Jimbaran is the quintessential seaside town of Bali – it is tranquil, beautiful yet wholly affordable. Living in Jimbaran you will find golden sands that lead to limestone cliffs and surf spots with a selection of beaches scattered around the area. Living in Jimbaran offers you gorgeous sea views, it is arguably best known for its seafood
restaurants. As well as dining overlooking the water with your feet in the soft sand, you can also swim in the seas just off these very same beaches and snorkeling and water sports are all popular pastimes here.

Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran’s Living Cost

It is estimated that the cost of living in Jimbaran as a single person would be somewhere around $500 – $700 per month, whereas for a family it would be $1,000 per month. In order to get around, you’ll need a scooter or a car – public transport in Bali is almost non-existent. There are plenty of scooter and bike
taxis, which you can find on the street or with apps such as GoJek or Grab, so set aside a budget for transportation. Food-wise, you will be spoiled here as Jimbaran is known for its spectacular and cheap seafood restaurants by the beach – people from Jakarta and even foreign countries would travel to Jimbaran just for the food.

Jimbaran’s Vibes

Some of the best things about living in Jimbaran is encompassed the beautiful limestone cliff-fringed coastlines that are home to some of Bali’s best surf spots and reef breaks. These beaches, some considerably far-flung with rugged terrains, continuously lure in wave riders and travelers with a penchant for adventure.
Jimbaran is a typical little Balinese society with lots of small streets and gangs (alleys) that makes a perfect backdrop for a stroll. Just walking around here is an adventure and the locals are smiling and welcoming. The road along the beach and Jl Uluwatu make good orientation points. Take a seat in one of the
restaurants on the beach, order food drink, and enjoy the romantic sunset while waiting for your orders. The sunsets in Jimbaran are very beautiful.

What You Need to Know About Jimbaran

If you want to get out and about then Jimbaran is perfect for you, as it’s close to a huge number of attractions in Bali. While it may not have many in its own right, it borders areas like Pecatu, Kutuh, and Ungasan which are known for their mix of top cultural spots like sea temples. As such, if you are in the market to venture slightly outside the center of Jimbaran then you will be pleasantly surprised by all
the delights on offer here, and if you don’t fancy going too further afield, you can still enjoy the seafood restaurants, the iconic shorelines, and the slower pace of life in this lovely part of Bali.

Owning a Property in Jimbaran | Liviing in Jimbaran

Owning a Property in Jimbaran

More than just a second or vacation home – buying luxury property in Jimbaran is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio with an affordable and high-yielding investment that offers unique perks and benefits. Owning a luxury villa in Bali is a dream for many people around the world!
Whether modern or ethnic chic, with tropical ambiance or opulent vibes – you can get your dream house or property here. With so many options to choose from, Unreal will assist you to find the perfect property in Jimbaran for your authentic Balinese getaway.

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