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Living in Sanur Bali: Let Bali’s Iconic Shoreline Seduce You

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Sanur Bali

Sanur is a sophisticated beach-side village and Bali’s oldest upscale resort region. Despite the availability of eateries and lodging, it maintains a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for living in Sanur. In general, it is more pricey than Kuta but more wallet-friendly than Seminyak.
In addition to the obvious shopping and beach attractions, this is a town with a multitude of cultural, natural, and historical features. Are you thinking about relocating to Sanur? You’ve arrived at the right place. Everything you need to know about living expenses, purchasing a villa in Sanur, and, most importantly, the vibes is available here.

Why Move to Sanur?

Sanur is ideal if you want to live in a calm and laid-back seaside town. Sanur is regarded as being one of Bali’s most serene and family-friendly regions for living in Sanur, but there are still lots of things to do in Sanur.

Families will like the pleasant ambiance and laid-back eateries near Sanur Beach, and the morning sights are among the best in Bali. This charming coastal town on Bali’s east coast was one of the original tourist destinations, and it remains popular for its great resorts, shops, cuisine, spas, and easy access to
the Nusa Islands.

Sanur’s Living Cost

A single person’s monthly cost of living in Sanur is estimated to be between $458 and $707, while a family’s monthly cost is $1,006 a month. To get about, you’ll need a scooter or a vehicle as public transportation is essentially non-existent in Bali. Set aside money for transportation because there are lots of scooter and bike taxis on the street or through apps like GoJek or Grab.
Living in Sanur has a good range of places to stay and it’s well placed for day trips. Sanur has many pleasant accommodations, though most beachfront properties are centered around the Sanur beach area off the Bypass Ngurah Rai main road.
There are seaside restaurants for those who want to dine while watching the sunset. There is lots of authentic Balinese food here, such as Nasi Campur, Lawar, and Babi Guling. The Sindhu Night Market (Pasar Malam) has food vendors that are renowned among both tourists and locals as one of Bali’s
must-do activities.

Living in sanur at Villa Kejora

What You Need to Know About Sanur

Sanur’s waters are crystal clear and ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and a variety of water activities. Living in Sanur is also a jumping-off point for travelers who wish to dive and discover the wonders of the surrounding island of Nusa Lembongan.
Sanur’s magnificent cobbled seaside cycling path spans 5 kilometers north from the Jalan Mertasari region in south Sanur to the major beach at Jalan Hangtuah.
This provides for a very picturesque bike ride, especially mornings. The more adventurous can indulge in one or more of the various watersports available at Sanur Beach. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, and paragliding are all options.

Owning a Property in Sanur

More than just a second or vacation home – buying luxury property in Sanur is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio with an affordable and high-yielding investment that offers unique perks and benefits. Owning a luxury villa in Bali is a dream for many people around the world!
Whether modern or ethnic chic, with tropical ambiance or opulent vibes – you can get your dream house or property here. With so many options to choose from, Unreal will assist you to find your perfect property in Sanur for your authentic Balinese getaway.

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