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Living in Seminyak Bali: Discover A Slice of Tropical Heaven

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Seminyak Bali

What’s not to like about Seminyak?
Allow yourself to be charmed by the stretch of white sand, sophisticated accommodations, and stylish high-end restaurants and bars that are considered the hub of Bali’s tourism. Living in Seminyak is considerably more refined and laidback than Kuta’s, and the beach, in particular, is much calmer during the day.
Thinking of moving to Seminyak? You have come to the right place. From living costs, owning a villa in Seminyak, and most importantly, the vibes, you will find everything you need to know here.

Why Move to Seminyak?

Plain and simple: because it has the best of both worlds. You will find anything you’d want here. Living in Seminyak today is Bali’s up-and-coming fashion, dining, and accommodation capital – not to mention, Seminyak is also a popular hub for ex-pats.

This upmarket coastal enclave is situated just north of Legian and Kuta, some 10 km from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. Dubbed as a foodie’s haven, Seminyak offers you rich flavors from all around the globe, prepared by world-renowned chefs (some of whom are notable figures in the international culinary scene). Not to mention, the Seminyak retail scene is famous for its luxury fashion stores and leisure shops.

Seminyak’s Living Cost

It is estimated that the cost of living in Seminyak hits somewhere between $900 to $2,000, depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.

Despite the flash and glam, Seminyak offers a lot to offer for people on a fixed budget. In summary, the cost of living in Seminyak here is based on your lifestyle and the area you choose, as rent varies greatly between areas such as Seminyak’s outskirts and the center of the town. Living in Seminyak costs are also affected by food, since Bali is embracing an organic health-food fad, with meals costing far more than local street food.

Seminyak’s Vibes

Seminyak is home to some of Bali’s most magnificent beach clubs. Take in the famed sunsets and appreciate the serene beauty, as well as Balinese ceremonies on the beach, accompanied by gongs players and offerings to the gods. Don’t allow the waves and nuanced cultural attractions to distract you from the spas and shopping, of course! Elegant salons, fine dining, and high-end stores are all available here.

Living in Seminyak villa sava

What You Need to Know About Seminyak

Seminyak is part of the main west coast conurbation in South Bali and traffic can get very congested at times. From Kuta and Legian, the Legian Street runs parallel with the beach, and at its western limit continues as Seminyak Street.

Public transport is pretty much non-existent in Bali. However when you living in Seminyak, no fret! To get about, just hop on Bluebird Taxi, or rent your own scooter and explore the less-traveled paths. But do set aside money for transportation if you don’t want to drive, because there are lots of scooter and bike taxis on the street or through apps like GoJek or Grab.

Owning a Property in Seminyak

More than just a second or vacation home – buying luxury property in Seminyak is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio with an affordable and high-yielding investment that offers unique perks and benefits. Owning a luxury villa in Bali is a dream for many people around the world!

Whether modern or ethnic chic, with tropical ambiance or opulent vibes – you can get your dream house or property here. With so many options to choose from, Unreal will assist you to find your perfect property in Seminyak for your authentic Balinese getaway.

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