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Living in Tabanan Bali: Amazing Experience Bali’s Pristine Beauty in Tabanan

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Tanah Lot at Kediri Tabanan

Why Move to Tabanan?

Living in Tabanan offers you everything when it comes to beautiful countryside, with terraced rice fields, glittering shorelines, and mountain peaks. The Tabanan region has a real Bali atmosphere, owing to the fact that the fast development of Bali’s southern coasts farther east has not yet spoiled it.
Living in Tabanan is truly a magnificent sanctuary for everyone – whether you want to go surfing, walk up heavily forested routes, ride about in a Jeep, or simply relax in a fancy villa – it’s all about the great outdoors in Tabanan, so you’re likely to meet surfers, trekkers, and adventure sports aficionados here. If you are a wanderer who’s into the unknown, less-traveled journeys, Tabanan is perfect for you.

Tabanan’s Living Cost

The average price of a week’s spending in Tabanan is $1,682 for a person, $3,021 for a couple, and $5,663 for a family of 4. In summary, the cost of living in Tabanan here is based on your lifestyle and the area you choose, as rent varies greatly between areas such as Tabanan’s outskirts and the center of the town. Living costs are also affected by food, since Bali is embracing an organic health-food fad, with meals costing far more than local street food.

Tabanan’s Vibes

Tabanan may be the spot to go if you’re looking for the “authentic Bali” in the middle of all the development. Within a short drive of the famous Tanah Lot, tourism gives place to vivid green rice terraces and narrow alleys lined by the intricate stone walls of traditional residential homes.

Living in Tabanan there is an elegance to be found on this southern tip of Indonesia’s most famous island, with local marketplaces bursting with fresh items and dedicated locals.

Villa Vedas Outdoor Area Living in Tabanan

What You Need to Know About Tabanan

In order to get around, you’ll need a scooter or a car – public transport in the area is almost non-existent. There are plenty of scooter and bike taxis, which you can find on the street or with apps such as GoJek or Grab. Most ex-pats choose to rent a bike as it’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around.

Owning a Property in Tabanan

More than just a second or vacation home – buying luxury property in Tabanan is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio with an affordable and high-yielding investment that offers unique perks and benefits. Owning a luxury villa in Bali is a dream for many people around the world!

Whether modern or ethnic chic, with tropical ambiance or opulent vibes – living in Tabanan can get your dream house or property here. With so many options to choose from, Unreal will assist you to find your perfect property in Tabanan for your authentic Balinese getaway.

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