Sustainable Luxury: 1-Bedroom Eco Villa in Boutique Hotel (with ricefield view) - unreal Bali

Sustainable Luxury: 1-Bedroom Eco Villa in Boutique Hotel (with ricefield view)

  • USD 275,000
Kemenuh, Sukawati, Bali, Gianyar
  • Villa
  • Property Type
  • 1
  • Bedroom
  • 1
  • Bathroom
  • 96.71
  • 116 to 148
  • Lot m²
  • 30
  • Years Lease
  • E4
  • Property ID


  • Villa
  • Property Type
  • 1
  • Bedroom
  • 1
  • Bathroom
  • 96.71
  • 116 to 148
  • Lot m²
  • 30
  • Years Lease
  • E4
  • Property ID



Step into the future of sustainable living with our unparalleled homes that combine
next-generation technology, environmental consciousness, and holistic wellness.
Engineered for tropical climates, we redefine construction to offer a luxurious living
experience that exists in harmony with nature.

At Elementis Ubud, we believe in creating a sanctuary that
transcends mere accommodation.
Step into a world where natural beauty intertwines with
sophisticated design, and experience the ultimate blend of luxury,
sustainability, and serenity.
With our unwavering commitment to wellness and the
environment, we have carefully crafted a haven that allows you to
unwind, rejuvenate, and reconnect with the tranquility of nature.
From the moment you enter our doors, you’ll be
enveloped in an ambiance that soothes the senses and leaves
a lasting impression.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine the concept of
hospitality, offering you an escape like no other.
Let us guide you through a seamless blend of timeless elegance,
innovative design, and personalized service that will elevate your
stay to new heights.
Come, immerse yourself in the beauty of Elementis Ubud, where
every moment is an opportunity to indulge in a world-class
experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

The perfect blend of natural elements and luxurious furnishings,
creating the ultimate oasis for rejuvenation.
Prioritizing well-being and serenity.

At Elementis Ubud, we prioritize the use of highest quality glued laminated timber,
an unparalleled material for tropical climate construction.

Benefits include:

Pure natural material
Premium surface quality
Maximum fire resistance
Highest wind resistance
High seismic resistance

Maximum moisture resistance
Natural protection against harmful fungi
Eco and environmentally friendly
Perfect finishing and aesthetics

At Elementis Ubud, we employ Low-E solar control glass throughout our property,
ensuring a comfortable living environment in Bali’s
tropical climate.

Benefits include:

Blocks 70% of the sun’s infrared heat energy
Improves thermal insulation
Maximizes natural daylight
Reflects solar heat
Allows breathtaking nature as walls

At Elementis Ubud we are implementing a completely innovative climate control
system that out performs any other option and has ended the battle with mold for
an infinitely healthier experience than any other choice in the market.

State of art design, featuring:

Built in humidity control

Safe – Non-toxic, recyclable and non-flammable Incorporated air circulation system

30% of the solar energy generated is needed to run the system for 1-2 days

Silent and Sleek design
Life expectancy of 50 years
Standard easily sourced components

Key Features of the 1 bedroom:

Meranti wood frame villa
Panoramic windows
Low-E-solar control glass
Stunning bathroom
Italian ceramic floors
Natural light in bathroom

ROCA bathroom amenities
Fully-equipped villa
Smart home audio visual system
Luxury king size bed
Private terrace
Automatic shading system

We understand the importance of hassle-free ownership and rental management.
When you invest in Elementis Ubud, we take care of everything.

This includes:

Renting your villa
Cleaning and maintenance
Internet and electrification
Security and safety
Water, gas, and garbage collection

Villa renovations and gardening
Taxes and regulatory compliance
Marketing and tenant occupancy
Solar panel maintainance
Resale of villas

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